Power Pack 2+1

Our greatest talent is our mechanical genius.

Brave, innovative and creative…

Our greatest talent is our mechanical genius. System Defense was launched in 2018 in Gebze, near Istanbul. It is a manufacturer of firearms that aims to accelerate the rhythm of the world defense industry. Brave, innovative and creative… We believe that the best defense can be achieved by being different. Our most important mission as System Defense to enable our customers to get the best defense tools they can have, regardless of location, time and conditions. The System Defense team places advanced analytical thinking at the heart of the development organization. A team of engineers dedicated to changing the future and a technical team who are not afraid of the bravest practical solutions. The modern defense industry only imposes similar principles on our horizon. We produce systems that make a difference in the mechanical and visual world of the defense industry. And we call our customers that Now You Safe


To continue to provide our customers with high added value product and services and shape the future, SYSTEM DEFENCE is looking for new talent at many levels of the organization.


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